For the Dutch Salvation Army, I developed a new strategic Brand Design.

The main goal was to create a uniform look and feel for the brand in the Netherlands. I renewed the corporate identity for all online and offline communication, based on the brand strategy. For example: i developed the new Brand Story, Corporate and Employer websites, Employer Brand, renewed the design for all websites, and design guidelines for almost 300 locations.

Design agency: Tinekewerkt |
The goal was to make a style translation of the brand strategy. As a result, the new corporate identity does not just become a beautiful design, but it responds to the core values ​​of the company and the dreams of the target group.
One of the further developments of the corporate identity was creating a visual identity for the nearly 300 locations. Inside and outside. Above you can see an example a new facade for the head office, in the new corporate identity.
Websites, campaigns, advertisements, socials, offices, clothing,  commercials, graphic design: the same meaningful (visual) story is told everywhere
I directed promotional video's for a number of employee functions. I was responsible for the concept and chief director. The production of the video's was part of a larger project in which I redesigned the employer brand.
This is Theo, and Theo is a social worker at a location where homeless people live protected. 

DOP: Nicky Regelink |
Director: Dirk Zekveld |

Research: Merel Mok & Daniel Albers
Producer: Tanja van Engelen